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We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our seamless siding and the new windows. Our house looked nice before bur now It is really outstanding.  Even strangers have pulled into the driveway to compliment us on the remodeling and ask about the seamless siding. Several neighbors have put the vinyl on and it looks OK, but it’s simply no comparison to the “seamless.” The “before” and “after” pictures tell the whole story! Even the real estate appraiser called to tell us how nice our home looked and how impressed he was with your product. Not only does it look extremely nice but the value of our home has also increased by more than we put into the work. In 1992 we refinanced and has out house appraised at $74.000 Now, in 1997, the appraisal was $95,000; an increase of over $20,000 (which is more than the cost of the remodeling). That makes it even better! I have no doubt we could get practically 1000% return if we sold our house in 1 year or 10 years from now. The follow up after the installation of the windows and siding has also been great. We are satisfied customers and would not hesitate to recommend the seamless siding and windows (especially the ones with the v-grove cut!) to anyone considering updating their current home or building a new one. It was definitely worth the price- you really do get what you pay for! Had we gone with another product, I’m sure we would have been playing the “what is” or “ if only” game now.
Steve, Pam, & Mackenzie P. of Centralia, IL
Friday, December 30th
Testimonial Photo by Valerie L.
"Thanks so much for the great job your company did on my father's house. It looks fantastic." Valerie
Valerie L. of Emmett, ID
Thursday, March 7th
Testimonial Photo by Bonnie S.
"Thank you, Thank you! I am so pleased with the job your company, ABC Seamless Siding did for me in February 2003. My vinyl siding of four years was melting and warping from the hot summer sun. The sun was reflecting off my porch onto the siding, and it looked real bad.  I contacted your office and within a week your salesman Tom was here. He was very helpful in my decisions to replace the damaged areas with the steel siding. the color match was excellent, looks terrific, and without the "Quacks". If or when the rest of the vinyl deteriorates, I will replace with the steel siding.  I wish to thank your friendly office staff, your salesperson, and a special thanks to the two young men for the excellent installation and clean up." Bonnie S.
Bonnie S. of Idaho City, ID
Monday, February 13th
ABC Seamless Siding Company’s production crew, Dan & Ben, have  just completed most of the work on my Eastend Boise home. They wrapped, sided, installed new windows and a patio cover. Another crew installed gutters. I usually do not take the time to write to a company’s president about the work that his crews have performed on my property, but because of the excellent quality of their work ethics, workmanship and dedication in performing and completing their job duties, I feel that it is necessary to let you know that you have an excellent crew in Dan & Ben. I found them to be both courteous to each other while performing their job duties but also in their conversations with me. Before leaving for the day, Dan & Ben always left my yard tidy and in order. They were careful to pick up all debri from the day’s work. They were very careful in not destroying my furnishing in the house when they installed the windows. They wiped down figure prints and removed stickers on the windows. I am enjoying my new patio eminencelly. It looks just beautiful, the sky lights really add to the feeling of bringing the outside in so you can enjoy the sky, clouds, and sun while being under cover.  
Judy G. of Boise, ID
Friday, December 30th
Thank you for the professional advice and the truly excellent craftsmanship you provided as you recently sided our house. Marvin is pleased that he will never have to paint again, and Joanna ("I don't think this is such a good idea") is pleased that most of the joints and hangers have been covered, thus retaining the "old" look of the house. Please feel free to drop by to see how well it turned out with the additional window trims and crown molding. All of you were a pleasure to work with as you listened to our concerns, offered suggestions, brought samples, built a sprinkler box cover, and completed our punch list items. It was obvious you are driven by a desire to please the customer, and you succeeded with us. If you wish to call upon us as a reference, we would be pleased to do this for you. Your work ethics, language, cooperation, and care of our property was exemplary. 
Marvin and Joanna B. of Boise, ID
Wednesday, December 28th
Testimonial Photo by Jackie F.
"Thanks so much for the good work. We appreciate everything you did." Jackie & Lydia
Jackie F. of Boise, ID
Monday, February 13th
When my wife and I decided to have the exterior of our house covered with siding or painted we has a real uneasy feeling about what to do. It could be one of the biggest investment we would make since we got married. Your sales approach and pride in your product impressed both of us. You did a good job explaining both the positive and negatives of all the options we were considering. You even had to over come bureaucratic problems by selling your product’s quality and ascetic beauty to the Harrison Historical District. The quality and professional manner of your sales approach is only out done by the work you and your staff did installing the siding. The work was done as promised. Your staff took extra time to preserve some of the better historical features of our house. The siding changed our house from one of the embarrassing sites on the boulevard to a real classic. Still another test of your product came when we changed our plans and decided to sell our house and move to Star. W e did not see any way of recovering our full investment in the siding. We tried any way by setting a high asking price. Out house sold the first day of an open house showing for our asking price. The new owners said other than the location; the siding was the house’s best selling feature. Steve, my wife and I just want to thank you for the quality work you and your staff did for us. If you need any recommendations for future work don’t hesitate to have your clients call me. 
Craig T. of Boise, ID
Wednesday, December 28th
Testimonial Photo by Sandy P.
"Thank you for transforming my home into the most beautiful one in the neighborhood! I have received compliments from friends, relatives, neighbors, and strangers. The siding, roof, and windows were expertly installed. I appreciate the quality, attention to detail, service, professionalism, and courtesy of the many employees I have dealt with with over the past several months. I am pleased to recommend ABC Seamless to anyone. Thanks for a job well done." Sandy P
Sandy P. of Boise, ID
Monday, February 13th
There are three areas I would like to focus on: 1) experience with you as a salesman, 2) quality of product, and 3) quality of workmanship. I was particularly impressed with your sales approach. I spoke with and received bids from two other siding companies which gave me a good comparison of sales people and their ability to educate and sell their product. You were very knowledgeable about your siding product and took the time to tell me and show me about steel siding and how it could be a good choice given my needs. I liked it that you took the time to take me around town to show me buildings that ABC had sided to get a clear picture of what the siding looked like in its finished state. You were also thoughtful about my concerns in keeping the 92 year-old building looking as “historical” as possible. You checked back from time to time while the job was being completed to see that I was happy with progress, and you made yourself available to me for questions I had along the way. I am delighted with the steel siding. The colors are great, the appearance of the building is much improved, and the maintenance requires a garden hose. I particularly like the low maintenance! After comparing the products of other siding companies, I am convinced I have chosen a superior product in terms of it durability, fade resistance and warranty. The fact that the company has its headquarters in the Boise area was also a factor in my choosing ABC should there be a need for help down the road. The two installers, Troy and Chuck, did a very nice job siding the building. They were detailed-oriented and very customer friendly. Troy was one of the nicest workman I have had the pleasure of working with. He made every effort to finish the job as I requested. He was also very helpful in educating me about siding whenever I had questions. 
Christine I. of Boise, ID
Friday, December 30th
Testimonial Photo by Leonard B.
"On March 22, 1999, we agreed to have ABC remove the old aluminum siding, replace the old windows with new McVey windows and install new seamless siding on our home. They said the materials and windows would be available to fo the job the first or second week in May. The job was started on May 6, 1999, and completed in  May 18, 1999, by two very good installers, Dan and Nick. The job looks absolutely wonderful. We are VERY pleased with the commitment and the quality of work that these fellas do. ABC SEAMLESS is definitely the way to go. Also, the windows are a snap to use and clean!" Leonard & Marilyn B.
Leonard B. of Boise, ID
Monday, February 13th
Testimonial Photo by Mike H.
We installed gutters and down spouts for Mike.  After a month or so, he noticed that his down spouts needed to be adjusted. ABC Seamless came out to make the adjustement for him
Mike H. of Boise, ID
Thursday, July 19th
Testimonial Photo by Scott B.
"Thank you very much for a job well done. The installation crew was great, Dan & Nick. Carrie was wonderful to deal with also. Please thank Jeannie for us also for going that extra mile on the gutters. That was great." Scott & Judy
Scott B. of Boise, ID
Monday, August 23rd
I just wanted to thank you for the excellent job your company did on siding our home and installing new windows. As you know, we almost purchased windows and vinyl siding from another company. However, once we saw your products and warranties, there was no comparison to quality and durability. The installers were gracious, met the timeline, and left no trace of being there. The outside of our home looks brand new again and I would gladly recommend your company and products to anyone who is looking for new windows or an excellent siding product. Thank you again for all your help, excellent work and exceptional customer service! 
Carma C. of Boise, ID
Thursday, December 29th
I just wanted to follow- through on the promise to myself as well as to you to provide written comments and compliments regarding the all inclusive siding, soffit, fascia, gutter and total replacement window project your company did on our residence this past October. Right from the onset Marty and I had decided that is we were going to make the above improvements to our home, we were going to do it right, to the best of our knowledge. After “shopping around” and interviewing other siding companies, we felt ABC to provide the best in both quality product and installation. Our belief was further reinforced by ABC’S product and labor warranties. In comparing, no other company provided warrantied like these. The ABC Seamless product package and North Country windows basically sold themselves. However, I had some reservations about the product being able to be installed with consistent quality; believing that the true quality of a product largely dependent upon proper installation. What I was shown was a copy of ABC’S 20 year labor warranty. Your company, to me, made a statement; that being “We take pride in our work, and deserve noting less than a satisfied customer.” A period of almost six months passed from the time we signed our contract with ABC until work started during the interim, my husband and I became increasingly more anxious; wondering of this major (for us) home improvement project was going to be a positive experience or an absolute nightmare as some projects can turn out to be. This project is now a few months behind us, and I am writing to compliment you and everyone involved on a job completed to this customer’s quality standards. I was brought up to believe that when you undertake a project, whatever it is, you do it to the best of your ability. Thank you for completing your job for us on such a fashion. A special “thank you” to the crew chief Gary Anderson. His quality craftsmanship and thoroughness were very much appreciated. “Thank you” to Joe Roy for coming over prior to the gutter installation to review and diagram  down about placement with Marty. Last “thank you” to all the workers for picking up materials and potentially hazards at the end of each work day. This was very responsible act as we have three active children regularly out and about the home. Steve, I would highly recommend your products and company to anyone seeking the kind of home improvements we recently completed. 
Deborah J. of Boise, ID
Tuesday, January 3rd
Dear ABC Seamless, Stan & Gary, Thank you for the beautiful window. Your service was great. We will tell everyone to buy their windows from your company.  Sincerely, Mary K.
Mary K. of Boise, ID
Monday, February 6th
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